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Understanding technical terms used in SSL is essential. Here you can learn more about:

  • The "green bar" display
  • The additional licence
  • The certificate free reissue
  • The additionnal SAN

"Green bar" display with EV certificates (Extended Validation)

An EV SSL certificate installed on a machine triggers the green url bar in most browsers.

That green bar is a visual garantee that the transactions are secured on a website.

Green bar display on the most popular browsers:

Certificat SSL EV et apparition de la barre verte sur différents navigateurs

In 2007, several surveys showed that the green bar display generated instant positive reactions for 75% of internet users,a 15% raise of the purchase intentions and a 15% decrease in the abandonment of the purchase process.

The EV SSL certificate is therefore a powerfull marketing tool that can boost your Ecommerce websites.

The additional licence

Depending on your needs or your technical pool,you may need to install your certificate on several machines.

Some certificates are sold to be installed on a unique machine (physical or virtual).The additionnal licence makes then possible to duplicate an existing certificate instead of buying a new one for each different machine you may use.

  • Physical machine:Electricaly connected machine
  • Virtual machine:In process machine

Several configuration can be encountered :

  • Active / Active
  • Active / Inactive
  • Back-up site
  • Several virtual machines on one physical machine

GlobalSign's certificates evolve and are now sold with unlimited machines licenses.
So, install your certificates on as much machines as you need for the price of one product !

A digital certificate reissue:

A new certificate can be reissued in substitution of an existing one with the same fields but a different pair of keys*.

That can be done in those situations:

  • A certificate loss after a hard disk failure
  • A software switching
  • The modification of the key sizes
  • The vulnerability of the privet key
  • The upgrating of the signature from MD5 to SHA1

*pair of keys : Item privet key / public key elements : if a new pair of keys is needed a new CSR has to be requested.

The additionnal SAN

A multiple site certificate is issued to secure several domains (or SANs) hosted on a same server:

  • 6 SANs with the GlobalSign UCC

It is then possible to secure other domains by purchasing additionnal SANs instead of buying a new certificate for each extra domain.

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